The Institute of Neurobiology offers training programs for human resources including, among others, the research and writing required to prepare a thesis, summer research visits, social service, as well as courses in various specialties and new, cutting-edge fields and techniques.

Programs for the Popularization of Science

a) Guided tours at Institute of Neurobiology are intended for various educational levels –elementary, high school, and  university– as well as other special interested groups.
b) Institutional Seminars.
c) Brain Awareness Week (March of each year).

Research Visits

These take place from June to August with the following aims:
a) To facilitate the interaction between researchers and those students  having a scientific vocation;
b) To motivate students to incorporate scientific research into their academic  endeavor, and
c) To promote graduate studies.

Participating Programs

•  Science Summers in the Central Region
•  Summer of the Mexican Academy of Science
•  Summer in the Pacific Region
•  Youngsters in Research, UNAM

Brain Awareness Week

The Institute of Neurobiology sponsored a series of events for the Brain Awareness Week (BAW) in Querétaro City. Academic staff and graduate students from the Institute conducted educational outreach to the community.